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The rates are posted for information only and are subject to change without notice. They are valid for the date indicated, with the Friday rate also applying to Saturday.

In the event of a discrepancy between the rates posted on this website and the official rates posted in our branches, the latter shall prevail.

The value of one unit of foreign currency in Canadian dollars

Exchange rates as of November 30, 2020
Country Name of currency The bank buys The bank sells
United States DOLLAR 1.2595 1.3315
European Union EURO 1.4885 1.6195
England POUND 1.6705 1.7850
China YUAN 0.1775 0.2170
Japan YEN 0.01209 0.012845
Mexico PESO 0.0594 0.0698
Australia DOLLAR 0.9190 0.9960
Switzerland FRANC 1.3840 1.4880

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Foreign exchange rates represent the value of one unit of foreign currency in Canadian dollars. More currencies are available. We invite you to contact us to check the buy and sell rates that apply in our branches (1-888-835-6281).

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