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My retirement

We’re here to answer your questions.

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Should I pay off my mortgage before socking away my money?

It’s normal to ask yourself questions regarding your finances, especially when it comes to your retirement.

As you can imagine, current circumstances are likely to affect your retirement strategy. Fortunately, our experts can support you and help you plan for the retirement you envisioned.

How to ensure a zen retirement

How can I ensure a zen retirement?                    

We offer free online conferences that provide answers to your questions and can help guide you through planning your retirement.

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Start a retirement plan

Do I still have time to make plans for my retirement?

Find out with MyIdea, our savings strategy evaluation tool! You can start your own retirement plan and even have it validated by one of our experts when you’re ready.

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Meet with an retirement expert

Who can help put the wheels in motion for my retirement?

You can always count on National Bank and its experts to benefit from advice and resources that will guide you towards this important stage in your life.

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Free online events

Did you know? 75% of women regret not getting involved earlier in their retirement planning.

Invest in you. Discover our virtual educational conferences that bring experts together around one common theme: women and investment.

Click on the link below to sign up:

Planning your retirement – Tuesday November 24 at 2PM EST

A unique expertise

Whatever your retirement plans, our experts can help you reach your goals.

Looking to invest up to $250,000?

Book an appointment with a retirement advisor to plan this important step in your life.

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Legal Disclaimers

1. Financial planning services are offered through subsidiaries of National Bank. Financial Planners provide their services on behalf of National Bank Investments Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.

Questions regarding your retirement?

Talk to an advisor to get tailored advice.

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